American Tied Flies offers high quality flies and the best fly tying materials. Flies that catch fish. Flies you can depend on to catch that once in a lifetime fish. So tie one on and lets make some memories.

Tying tutorials

1) Start by placing the bead on the hook

2) Start thread behind bead and wind to hook bend.

3) Tie in Letera's glow braid and wind thread forward.

4) Tie in Letera's metallic braid and wind thread to bead.

5) Wrap Letera's glow braid around shank of hook twice.

6) Wrap Letera's metallic braid around Letera's glow braid.

7) Pull both sides down.

8) Repeat steps 5, 6, and 7 until you reach the bend.

9) Trim excess metallic braid & glow braid.

10) Tie in two white goose biots behind bead.

11) Wrap collar with UV ice dubbing and tie off.

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